Startups Launched

The Factory Amsterdam LLC

The Factory Amsterdam is a manufacturing startup company founded by three current undergraduate students attending Rensselaer poly tech. Originally conceived for purely a personal project and custom hot rod shop, the Factory Amsterdam found it's way into an operational CNC shop and metalworking facility.

Gridstarr LLC

Gridstarr's Salt Water Backup Battery is automated, has no direct carbon footprint, produces zero-emissions, is non-hazardous and creates potentially recyclable byproducts.

Stirling Solutions, R&D

Stirling Solutions is an R&D start-up founded to provide cost effective methods of improving engine efficiency and reducing emissions. By refining design-centered modeling techniques, Stirling Solutions aims to increase the use of the cleaner, more efficient Stirling cycle engine in the transportation and power generation industries.

Kapshur Labs, LLC

Kapshur Labs is a research, development, and manufacturing startup founded by Kapila Chandramouli (ME ’18) during his senior year as an undergraduate at RPI.

Sanguine Diagnostics

Sanguine Diagnostics provides a rapid, low-cost, and point-of-care delivery platform with the mission of translating emerging technological breakthroughs around paper-based diagnostics to applications in which they can improve the standard of care for patients worldwide.

Ecovative Design LLC

Ecovative is a leading biomaterials company growing high performance, premium, award-winning products that are safe, healthy, and certified sustainable.

United Aircraft Technologies

United Aircraft Technologies, Inc., (UAT), aims to provide a smart aircraft solution to improve fuel economy, easy maintenance, increase safety for the aerospace industry, and decrease the occurrence of musculoskeletal diseases such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Our technology is non-destructive in situ inspection technology for aircraft wire integrity.

VisCal, Mobile Device Application

Unified communications app connecting callers to businesses more efficiently by way of integrating video, voice, text into a single platform. 

Nova Patch

The Nova Patch is a high efficacy, low cost, needle stick safe self-injector designed to deliver life-saving Naloxone (Narcan) to opioid addicts.

Bloom Inhaler

Bloom is a credit-card sized inhaler, refilled using your prescription inhaler. It is designed to store rescue medication for asthmatics. Bloom allows you to carry medication without the baggage of a bulky inhaler.