The Factory Amsterdam LLC

Year Launched: 
Kevin Lambert (ME ’18), Isaiah Stanley (ME ’19), Bradley Matheus (DIS ’18)

The Factory Amsterdam is a manufacturing startup company founded by three current undergraduate students attending Rensselaer poly tech. (Bradley Matheus, Isaiah Stanley, Kevin Lambert) Originally conceived for purely a personal project and custom hot rod shop, the Factory Amsterdam found it's way into an operational CNC shop and metalworking facility. We aim to provide machining and design service to patrons of all sizes. Starting out as a small shop on our own, we aim to provide service to others who may be in a similar situation as us. We found our market segment to be reflective of our individual interests; small homebrew inventors, small race shops, and other hobbiests’  activities. As of now, we provide CNC machining services, metal fabrication, and powder coating.

The Factory Amsterdam - Machinery