United Aircraft Technologies

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Improved Aircraft Wiring Solutions
Daryian Rhysing, George Zimmerman

United Aircraft Technologies (UAT) is creating a new class of clamp for aircraft wiring that is designed to reduce weight, improve safety, decrease CO2 emissions, and simplify maintenance through the use of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

For vehicle manufacturers in aviation, navy, or ground vehicles who have a problem with weight and maintenance, our interconnecting clamp (ICC) will be able to cut down 65% of weight from incumbent and improve maintenance speed by 50%. Different from other wiring fasteners, our ICC has sensing capabilities which allows our customers to easily localize and diagnose faults within the wiring system.

Based on Daryian Rhysing's 12 years of experience as an aircraft mechanic for the US Army and Hull Technician for the US Navy, Daryian created the Inter-Connecting Clamp. A thermoplastic wire fastener that can take off over 50lbs from a Blackhawk helicopter, 200lbs from a Chinook, and over 400lbs from a Hercules. Furthermore, it's sensing capabilities helps simplify maintenance by localizing and prediagnosing wiring faults.

Read more about United Aircraft Technologies, Inc. on the UAT website.

United Aircraft Technologies