Cross-cutting Research Areas

Energy Science and Engineering

This cross-cutting research theme is centered around clear common interests in energy efficiency, energy storage, energy harvesting, and thermal controls. It builds on the strong expertise in fundamental thermal sciences and engineering across multiscales, thermal metrology, nanostructured materials, electrochemical energy storage, and microsystem fabrication technologies.

Participating faculty: Theodorian Borca-Tascuic, Diana Andra Borca-Tascuic, Jason Hicken, Michael Jensen, Wei Ji, Nikhil Koratkar, Jie Lian, Emily Liu, Shankar NarayananAssad Oberai, Matthew Oehlschlaeger, Michael Podowski, Zvi Rusak, Onkar Sahni, Mark Shephard, Richard Smith, John Tichy, and Lucy Zhang.

Materials, Materials Processing and Controls

MANE faculty are engaged in high impact interdisciplinary research in materials, manufacturing and controls as well as research that effectively links the three disciplines to come up with system level solutions to important technological problems. The research interests of the faculty includes materials for energy, nano-materials, nano-composites, nanoscale heat transfer, thermoelectrics, nano-mechanics, fiber-reinforced composites, additive manufacturing, non-linear controls, micro-machining, spaceflight control, tribology, non-linear dynamics, nuclear materials, bio-materials, smart materials, adaptive structures and computational nano and bio mechanics.

Participating faculty: Kurt Anderson, Terry Blanchet, Diana Andra Borca-Tascuic, Theodorian Borca-Tascuic, Suvranu De, Mamadou Diagne,  Farhan Gandhi, Jason Hicken, Nikhil Koratkar, Jie Lian, Emily Liu, Antoinette Maniatty, Sandipan Mishra, Catalin Picu, Johnson Samuel, Mark Shephard, Daniel Walczyk, John Wen

Human Health and Safety

This cross-cutting research theme is centered around common interests in biomechanics, virtual surgery, radiation dosimetry, medical robotics, biomechanical imaging, and nanoscience.

Participating faculty:Diana Andra Borca-Tascuic, Aram ChungSuvranu De, Amir Hirsa, Antoinette Maniatty, Kristen MillsSandipan Mishra, Emily Liu, Assad Oberai, John Tichy, George X. Xu, Lucy Zhang.