Nuclear Science and Engineering

Nuclear Science research areas include:

Nuclear Power Systems

Research Areas: Novel reactor design concepts; Nuclear safety / risk analysis / emergency preparedness; Nuclear thermal hydraulics; Fuel cycle (spent fuel storage, geological repository, re-processing); Fuel design and performance; Nuclear data instrumentation and detector development; Computational methods (neutronics analysis, multi-physics and multi-scale modeling); Nuclear fusion and energy policy.
Participating faculty: Steve Antal, Yaron Danon, Thomas Haley, Wei Ji, Emily Liu, Jie Lian, Michael Podowski, Bimal K. Malaviya, Sastry Sreepada, George X. Xu, and Wei Zhou.

Applied Radiation Technologies

Research Areas:Accelerator physics; Neutron, x-ray, and light scattering physics & experiments; Radiation detection and measurement; Novel radiation sources, Nuclear cross-section data measurement and analysis; Nuclear non-proliferation (monitoring of nuclear materials for nuclear security)
Participating faculty: Bob Block, Peter Caracappa, Yaron Danon, Wei Ji, Emily Liu, and George X. Xu.

Radiation Protection, Medical and Industrial Uses of Radiation

Research Areas: Radiation dosimetry; Imaging and radiotherapy of cancer; Medical isotope production, Non-destructive testing (civil engineering, materials, oil exploration)
Participating faculty: Peter Caracappa, Yaron Danon, Wei Ji, Hyun Kang, and George X. Xu.

Nuclear Materials

Research Areas: Radiation interaction and radiation effects; Advanced nuclear fuels and structural materials; Aging management; Materials for nuclear waste management; Nanostructured materials for nuclear applications.
Participating faculty: Jie Lian, Emily Liu, and Wei Zhou.