Corporate Relations

MANE Industrial Affiliates Program

The focus of the MANE Industrial Affiliates Program is to develop mutually beneficial relationships with industry based on enhanced student recruitment opportunities with the potential for vigorous exchange of ideas and exploration of research collaborations. Through this program, member companies receive premium access to MANE students and faculty to become informed about the department’s research priorities and to facilitate effective hiring decisions based on the quality and accomplishments of individual graduate and undergraduate students.

Member Benefits

Early and continuous student access is critical to successfully engage students and is recommended long before an undergraduate student begins to work with the placement office or a graduate student begins an active job search. Through a faculty liaison, Industrial Affiliate Members will have ample and continuous opportunities to interact with Rensselaer students, including the student leadership of professional societies and award winning clubs.

MANE co-terminal students represent the best of our undergraduate students who have continued on for an additional year to complete 30 credits of coursework beyond BS degree requirements. As part of their curriculum, co-terminal students must complete 6 credits of research activities under the supervision of MANE faculty. An Annual Co-terminal Student Presentation Day will be organized to showcase their work. All Industrial Affiliate Members will be invited to attend this event. There will be ample opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas.

One or more MANE faculty will be assigned as liaison/s for each member company based on mutual agreement. Each faculty liaison will support the member company and provide recommendations of students for recruitment and/or potential research opportunities. With the help of the faculty liaison, member companies will have competitive advantage to recruit top graduate and undergraduate students at Rensselaer.

Each member company will be invited to participate on the MANE Strategic Advisory Council (SAC), subject to its by-laws. The SAC addresses the overall and long-term directions of MANE. Membership in this council will enable member companies to provide recommendations to MANE based on the current needs of industry.

Each member company can, if desired, host a Technical Seminar at Rensselaer to prospective graduate and undergraduate students and faculty. This is an opportunity to present current company activities to students and faculty and solicit future employees.

  • Access to Student for Talent Recruitment
  • Invitation to MANE Annual Co-terminal Student Presentation Day
  • Faculty Liaison
  • Invitation to join the MANE Strategic Advisory Council (SAC)
  • Invitation to Present a Technical Seminar

Current Members:

  • Boeing
  • Naval Nuclear Laboratory
  • Newport News Shipbuilding
  • United Launch Alliance


For more information, please contact:
Prof. Antoinette Maniatty
Acting Department Head
Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering
(518) 276-6351