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Support Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering

The Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering department (MANE) welcomes donations to support our students and programs. Donations may be made to MANE as a whole or designated to any of our three programs or specific activities.

To donate to the MANE Excellence Funds, please Give Today

The MANE department uses its Excellence Funds for a range of purposes:

  • Student events provide students with fun opportunities to de-stress and connect with fellow MANE students and faculty, such as the popular Cookies and Cocoa with Santa event in December.
  • Student clubs support the many MANE-affiliated clubs such as Rensselaer Motorsport, Engineers for a Sustainable World, Robotics Club, ASME, AIAA, and ANS.
  • Course improvement helps keep MANE at the forefront in innovative coursewares and curricula that provide MANE students with the tools they need to solve the big challenges of our world.
  • Student recruiting attracts excellent and diverse students.
  • Student travel provides the opportunity for MANE students to attend and present at conferences around the world.
  • Student services ensure our students are provided the support they need to navigate Rensselaer, have a positive experience, and grow.

There are also naming and endowment opportunities at a wide variety of levels. Some examples are listed below; please contact Professor Antoinette Maniatty if you wish to discuss any of these options.

  • Sponsor a MANE event.
  • Sponsor a MANE laboratory experience.
  • Sponsor or endow an award, undergraduate scholarship, or graduate fellowship.
  • Honor and help MANE students.
  • Endow a professorship and help to recruit, retain, and suppport exceptional MANE faculty.
  • Endow MANE by providing long-term support for the department.

For more information, please contact:

Professor Antoinette Maniatty
Department Head
Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering department
(518) 276-6351