Kapshur Labs, LLC

Year Launched: 
Primary Product: 
HARSHA (Hemodynamic Anti-Restenosis Stent-Held Add-On)
Kapila Chandramouli (ME ’18)

Kapshur Labs is a research, development, and manufacturing startup founded by Kapila Chandramouli (ME ’18) during his senior year as an undergraduate at RPI. Kapshur Labs took off from a capstone project involving the design of mechanical add-on implant device for Peripheral Artery Disease patients suffering from in-stent restenosis. The hemodynamically powered device, called HARSHA (Hemodynamic Anti-Restenosis Stent-Held Add-On), is designed to prevent in-stent restenosis through a mechanical brushing-type action that helps keep the artery and stent walls clear of buildup. Currently, HARSHA is in the early stages of research and development in collaboration with medical professionals. Kapshur Labs is also exploring other markets to disrupt, including the aerospace sector.