Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor of Science
Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering is concerned with disciplines and technologies relevant to all varieties of fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, and space vehicles, as well as other vehicles and systems (such as submarines and wind-turbines) operating in an aerodynamic or hydrodynamic environment.

Aerospace Engineering Faculty

Michael Amitay, Professor and James L. Decker '45 Endowed Chair in Aerospace Engineering and Director, Center for Flow Physics and Control (CeFPaC).
Kurt Anderson, Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Marcelo Crespo da Silva, Professor Emeritus
Etana Ferede, Lecturer
Henrik Hagerup, Professor Emeritus
Prabhat Hajela, Edward P. Hamilton Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Jason Hicken, Associate Professor
Amir Hirsa, Professor
Kevin Housley, Lecturer
Fotios Kopsaftopoulos, Assistant Professor
Nikhil Koratkar, John A. Clark and Edward T. Crossan Chair Professor
Robert Niemiec, Lecturer
Matt Oehlschlaeger, Professor, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs School of Engineering and Aerospace Program Director
Shaowu Pan, Assistant Professor
Onkar Sahni, Professor
Sandeep Singh, Assistant Professor