Zvi Rusak

Mechanical Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering

Sc.D. Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

Focus Area: 
theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and combustion dynamics|X|vortex stability and breakdown|X|compressible flows|X|viscous flows|X|reacting flows

Zvi Rusak received the degrees of B.Sc. (1980) and M.Sc. (1982), in Aeronautical Engineering from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. He has worked as an aeronautical engineer at the Israeli Air Force (1982 - 1988), where he headed the Aeroelasticity group from 1987 - 1988. He received a D.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion-IIT in August 1989. Ph.D. thesis advisor: Professor Arnan Seginer. He spent 1989 - 1991 as a post-doctorate associate at the Mathematical Sciences Department in RPI, working with Professor Julian D. Cole. He joined the RPI faculty in 1991. Assistant Professor (1991 - 1995), Associate Professor (1995 - 2000), and Full Professor (2000 - Present) in the department of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering at RPI. He is currently the Director of the Aerospace Engineering Program at the department (2001-Present).

Near-Critical Swirling Flow in a Slightly Contracting Pipe (2004)|X|On the Stability of a Compressible Axisymmetric Rotating Flow in a Pipe (2004)|X|Rapid Prototyping of Wind Tunnel Models (2004)|X|Condensation Processes in Transonic Two-Phase Flow of Saturated Humid Air (2003)|X|Small-Scale Airfoil Aerodynamic Efficiency Improvement By Surface Temperature and Heat Transfer (2003)|X|A Computational Study on Compressible Flow of Humid Air Around Airfoils (2003)|X|Effect of Combustion on Near-Critical Swirling Flow (2002)|X|Theoretical and Numerical Studies of Transonic Flow of Moist Air Around a Thin Airfoil (2002)|X|Compressible Flow of Satuarted Moist Air with Condensation Phenomena, in: Advances in Fluid Mechanics IV (2002)|X|The Effect of Compressibility on the Critical Swirl of Vortex Flows in a Pipe (2002)|X|Numerical-Asymptotic Expansion Matching for Computing a Viscous Flow Around a Sharp Corner (2002)|X|The Stability of Non-Columnar Swirling Flows in Diverging Streamtubes (2001)|X|The Dynamics of a Laminar Flow I