Nuclear Science and Engineering Faculty

Professor, NE Program Director and Director, Gaerttner Linear Accelerator Center (LINAC)
Nuclear Reactions, Nuclear Data, Novel neutron and x-ray sources|X|Novel radiation detectors
Professor of Practice and Director, Undergraduate Student Services
Nuclear Fuel Management|X|Mathematical Modeling|X|Reactor Design
Professor, Director of Rensselaer Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility
Computational and Experimental Reactor Physics|X|Radiation Transport Theory and Computation|X|Multiscale and Multiphysics Computation|X|Radiation Effects on Electronic Devices
Nuclear Plant Safety|X|Risk Assessment|X|Emergency Operation
Professor Emeritus
Multiphase Flow and Boiling Heat Transfer|X|Reactor Safety Analysis|X|Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics|X|Applications of Chaos Theory|X|Sonofusion Technology
Nanotechnology|X|Advanced Nuclear Materials|X|Nano-scale Characterization|X|Graphene Composites
Neutron Scattering|X|Dynamics of Water|X|Structure and Dynamics of Nano-Materials and Macro-Molecules|X|Radiation Damage
Fission and Fusion Reactor Physics and Technology|X|Biomedical Applications|X|Radioactive Waste Management|X|Pedagogic Technology
Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer|X|Reactor Dynamics and Safety|X|System Stability|X|Applied Mathematics
Multiphase Flow Experiments and Modeling|X|Phase Change Heat Transfer |X|Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics|X|Integrated Energy System |X|Thermal and Fluids Engineering|X|Cryogenic Propellant Storage