Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Professor of Practice
Product/Engineering Design and Analysis|X|Wind Turbines|X|Power Generation and Energy Technologies
Materials Tribology (friction, wear, lubrication)|X|Mechanical Behavior of Materials
Power Harvesting MEMS|X|Heat Transfer in Nanosystems|X|Luminescent Solar Concentrators (LSC)|X|New PV Materials
Professor and Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs
Heat conduction in nanomaterials|X|Prototyping and testing advanced refrigeration/heat pump and heat transfer systems|X|Metrology for fast, accurate, and high spatial resolution of thermal and thermoelectric properties|X|Thermal transport across interfaces|X|Thermoelectric energy conversion
J Erik Jonsson '22 Distinguished Professor of Engineering, Department Head and Director, Center for Modeling, Simulation and Imaging in Medicine (CEMSIM)
Virtual surgery|X|Computer modeling and simulation|X|Health care technology|X|Haptics
Assistant Professor
Professor of Practice
Technology/Product Innovation|X|Product/Process Design and Analysis|X|Mechanical Properties of Materials
Control, Dynamics, Optimization, Mechatronics, Design.
Professor Emeritus
Heat Transfer|X|Fluid Mechanics|X|Heat Exchangers|X|Boiling and Two-Phase Flows|X|Enhanced Heat Transfer|X|Fuel Cells|X|Solar Energy|X|Sustainability
Professor Emerita
Heat Transfer|X|Computational Fluidmechanics|X|Thermal Radiation
Solid Mechanics|X|Computational Mechanics
Associate Professor
Cell and tissue biomechanics|X|Experimental mechanics of materials
Associate Professor
Dynamic Systems and Control|X|Precision Mechatronics|X|Unmanned Aerial Vehicles|X|Advanced Manufacturing|X|Energy Efficient Buildings
Associate Professor
Thermal and Fluids Engineering|X|Sustainable Energy Systems|X|Micro and Nano-engineered Structures|X|Multiscale Transport Analysis|X|Energy Conversion and Storage
Professor and Associate Head for Undergraduate Studies
Mechanics of Solids|X|Micro- and Nano-Mechanics of Crystalline Defects|X|Atomistic Simulations
Associate Professor
Micro-manufacturing Processes: Micro-milling/drilling, Micro-EDM and Micro-ECM|X|Biomedical manufacturing: Patient-specific bone surgery, Carie removal, surgeon training |X|Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing): Fiber-reinforced soft composites, Surgeon training phantoms|X|Electrospinning: Multi-material fibers, yarns, coatings and textiles|X|Engineering education
Associate Professor
Fluid and Solid Mechanics|X|Acoustics and Vibration|X|Ultrasonic Communication
Samuel A. Johnson '37 and Elizabeth C. Johnson Professor of Engineering and Director, Scientific Computation Research Center (SCOREC)
Finite Element Analysis|X|Computer Graphics|X|Computer-Aided Design
Thermal-Fluid and Energy Systems
Tribology and Non-Newtonian Flow
Professor and Director, Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS)
Rapid Tooling|X|Environmentally Conscious Design|X|Machine Design
Numerical Modeling|X|Computational Fluid Dynamics|X|Fluid-Structure Interactions|X|Biomechanics