Aerospace Engineering Faculty

Professor and James L. Decker '45 Endowed Chair in Aerospace Engineering and Director, Center for Flow Physics and Control (CeFPaC).
Experimental Aerodynamics|X|Experimental fluid mechanics|X|Active and passive Flow Control
Professor and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
Multibody Dynamics|X|Space Vehicle Design and Simulation|X|Advanced Algorithm Development|X|Molecular Dynamics
Assistant Professor
Navigation|X|Spacecraft|X|Computer Vision|X|Planetary Science
Professor Emeritus
Dynamics|X|Nonlinear Vibrations|X|Perturbation Methods|X|Computerized Symbolic Manipulation
Professor of Practice
Turbomachinery development|X|Advanced Thermodynamics and Energy Systems|X|Solid and Fluid Mechanics|X|Computer modeling and simulation
Rosalind and John J. Redfern Jr Chair in Engineering
Smart and Adaptive Structures for Rotocraft|X|Material Systems|X|Cellular Structures
Professor and Provost
Optimum Design|X|Structural Dynamics|X|Aeroelasticity
Associate Professor
Simulation-based Design|X|Optimization|X|Aerodynamics|X|Computational Fluid Dynamics|X|Shape Optimization
Fluid Dynamics at Interfaces|X|Surface Tension Phenomena|X|Proteins at Liquid Surfaces
Assistant Professor
intelligent structural systems|X|structural health monitoring diagnostics and prognostics|X|stochastic system identification and machine learning|X|fly-by-feel aerial vehicles|X|bio-inspired systems|X|smart materials and structures
John A. Clark and Edward T. Crossan Chair Professor
Smart Materials and Structures|X|Graphene Electrodes|X|Electricity Energy Storage|X|Carbon Nanotubes
Experimental Fluid Mechanics|X|Biofluid Mechanics|X|Active Flow Control|X|Wind Energy|X|Fluid-structure Interactions|X|Experimental Techniques
Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs School of Engineering
Combustion|X|Propulsion and Energy Systems|X|Optical Diagnostics
theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, and combustion dynamics|X|vortex stability and breakdown|X|compressible flows|X|viscous flows|X|reacting flows
Associate Professor
Fluid Mechanics|X|Computational Fluid Dynamics|X|Turbulence Simulations|X|Computational Mechanics|X|High-Performance and Parallel Computing