RPI Receives DOE Awards to Upgrade RCF

RPI receives $150,000.00 award from DOE to enhance the Walthousen Reactor Critical Facility (RCF) for better service in research and education at the facility. This award will strengthen and build new research and teaching capabilities in experimental reactor physics, will better prepare our students as the next generation of industry leaders, and will allow us to continuously grow the R & D program. Moreover, the laboratory will be configured to permit remote monitoring of the reactor for research and instructional purposes from faculty and students at partner institutions. A fully equipped modern nuclear reactor facility will be ready for developing nuclear research, training nuclear personnel, and strengthening the nuclear engineering infrastructure at RPI.
This project is led by Prof. Wei Ji, an Assistant Professor, and Prof. Sastry Sreepada, the RCF Director in the Nuclear Engineering Program at RPI. In the past years, DOE has awarded RPI more than $350,000 for enhancing the capability of reactor facility to make it more efficient and in line with industry advances.