2024 Graduate Research Symposium Awards

Congratulations to all that attended the 2024 Graduate Research Symposium!

Five (5) MANE students were able to take home awards after attending the symposium. In the Masters Poster Presentation, the award winners were...


First (1st) place- Justin Smith, AE (Advisor- Kurt Anderson)

Second (2nd) place (tie) - Mark Haddleton, ME (Advisor- Johnson Samuel)

Third (3rd) place (tie) - Jason Gibbons, AE (Advisor- Amir Hirsa)

Third (3rd) place (tie) - Alexis Tendilla, ME (Advisor- Sarah Felix)


In the Three Minute Thesis Award winners...

3MT People's Choice (tie) - John Wylie, AE (Advisor- Miki Amitay)


Congratulations to all, and to the winners!