Facilities and Labs

Research Centers

The Center for Flow Physics and Control

Miki Amitay, Director

The Center for Flow Physics and Control (CeFPaC) focuses on aerodynamics of aerial and underwater vehicles, wind energy (smart wind turbine blades), and building integrated wind (smart buildings).

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The Center for Modeling, Simulation, & Imaging in Medicine

Suvranu De, Director

A true interdisciplinary endeavor, CeMSIM seeks to develop advanced modeling, simulation and imaging technology for healthcare, and transition those technologies to clinical practice – from the lab bench to the hospital bedside

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The Gaerttner Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Center

Yaron Danon, Director

The Gaerttner Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Center has been engaged in active research continuously for over 45 years. Research with electrons, photons and neutrons has applications to nuclear engineering, nuclear physics, radiation effects in electronics, radiation production, radiation processing of materials, conventional radiography, computed tomography, and other industrial processes.

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Research Labs

Instructional Labs

The Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (MILL) is the foundation for an emerging effort in undergraduate eduction in nanomanufacturing and other advanced manufacturing technologies at Rensselaer

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Rensselaer's Undergraduate Research Program (URP) provides real-world, hands-on research experience for students like you.

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The Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics Laboratory (NEEP) supports undergraduate education in engineering physics and nuclear engineering. The lab is equipped with facilities and apparatus providing students opportunities to gain hands-on experiences and skills in instrumentation, computer-controlled instrument interfacing and data acquisition, electronics, optical interferometry, laser-doppler interferometry, multiphase flow, fluid dynamics, photon-matter interaction and alpha spectroscopy.

The O.T. Swanson Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory delivers real-world engineering experience for undergraduates that integrates multidisciplinary design solutions.

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The Subsonic Wind Tunnel Laboratory features a custom-fabricated closed-loop wind tunnel that is used for the undergraduate senior-level fluid dynamics laboratory. Controlling the tunnel is a Rensselaer- developed, Labview-based data acquisition and control system, which also tracks operating conditions. Measurements of pressure, detailed velocity, and aero-dynamic forces can be recorded. Also, the computer-controlled movable top panel and three-dimensional traverse system allow probes to be positioned throughout most of the test section for detailed surveys.

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