The MANE.Innovation Spine

Engineering innovation is an end-to-end process combining creativity, invention, design, and implementation.  Success is measured by the value added, including quality and productivity value, of its innovative products, processes, and services in the commercial world.

MANE’s Innovation Spine is a sequence of three courses that immerse engineering majors, and Mechanical Engineering majors in particular, in the tools and techniques of engineering innovation such that they can become leaders of technological innovation.

More about the MANE.Innovation Spine

The MANE Innovation Crucible

The MANE Innovation Crucible is a hub connecting our community of innovators and provides:
  • Collaboration tools for interacting with internal and external innovators
  • A student run space for collaborative innovation, rapid prototyping, and patenting innovation
  • Collaboration with the Manufacturing Innovation Learning Lab (the MILL) & Inventor’s Studio courses

MANE Innovation Achievements 2016

  • At least 2 provisional patents submitted to USPTO per semester by Inventor’s Studio students (undergraduate)
  • At least 2 startups launched per semester by Inventor’s Studio students (undergraduate)
  • Graduate Students launched “The MANE Student Research & Design Journal” featuring papers from Inventor’s Studio students (undergraduate) & Undergraduate Research Projects.
  • More than 50% of Inventor’s Studio students submit invention disclosures through RPI’s OTC.
  • 2 New courses on “Ideation, Innovation and Rapid Prototyping” launched for undergraduate students (Inventor’s Studio 1 and 3)
  • Innovation Crucible launched

MANE Innovation Publications