Assad Anshuman Oberai

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs and Professor
School of Engineering

Ph.D. Stanford University

Focus Area: 
Multiscale Algorithms|X|Inverse Problems|X|Large Scale Computing|X|Biomechanical Imaging

Assad Oberai received his PhD. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1998. His doctoral work involved developing accurate and efficient finite element methods for solving time-harmonic, wave propagation problems in unbounded domains. As a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University he developed multiscale formulations of large eddy simulation for modeling turbulent flows and numerical methods for predicting noise generated by such flows. In 2001, Dr. Oberai joined Boston University as an Assistant Professor and in 2006 he moved to the Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering Department at RPI. Here, he continues to work on numerical methods for problems with multiple scales and inverse problems.

Elastic modulus imaging: some exact solutions of the compressible elastography inverse problem. (2007)|X|Coupling between elastic strain and interstitial fluid flow: ramifications for poroelasticity imaging. (2006)|X|A Dynamic Multiscale Viscosity Method for the Spectral Approximation of Conservation Laws. (2006)|X|Variational Formulation of the Germano Identity for the Navier-Stokes Equations. (2005)|X|A Dynamic Approach for Evaluating Parameters in a Numerical Method (2005)|X|Acoustic Eigenvalues of Rectangular Rooms with Arbitrary Wall Impedances using the Interval Newton/Generalized Bisection Method (2005)|X|Evaluation of the Adjoint Equation Based Algorithm for Elasticity Imaging. (2004)|X|Sensitivity of the Scale Partition for Variational Multiscale LES of Channel Flow (2004)|X|An Application of Shape Optimization in the Solution of Inverse Acoustic Scattering Problems. (2004)|X|A Krylov subspace projection method for simultaneous solution of Helmholtz problems at multiple frequencies. (2003)