CeFPaC Members Attend 8th AIAA Flow Control Conference


CeFPaC members recently attended the 8th AIAA Flow Control Conference in Washington DC on June 13-17, 2016.  Michael Amitay, Professor and CeFPaC Director, and four of his graduate students:  Haley Dell'Orso, Samantha Gildersleeve, Marianne Monastero and Thomas Rice presented their research in four technical presentations.  Samantha Gildersleeve presented, "Separation Control over a Flapped NACA0012 Model using an Array of Low Aspect Ratio Cylindrical Pins,"  and Marianne Monastero presented, "Performance Enhancement of an Airfoil Model with Control Surface using Synthetic Jets,"  These two projects are currently funded by The Boeing Company.  Thomas Rice, also presented his research, titled, "Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Static and Dynamic Vortex Generators on an Airfoil with a Deflected Flap," which is also a project funded by The Boeing Company.  Haley Dell'Orso presented, "Induced Stall Cells on a NACA0015 Airfoil using Passive and Active Trips."   Haley's research project is funded by Northrop Grumman.  In addition to sharing research done at CeFPaC, the group also enjoyed networking and learning about current aerospace research from around the world.